Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dallas outings.

Well, Josh and I had a full weekend and I have to say that I'm glad to be back home.  It was a weekend for friends and Christmas shopping, but I can't stand not sleeping in my own bed.  I actually slept more than a few hours last night.  I feel like a champ today!  

We went to Dallas on Friday and went out to dinner at one of Josh's fave Italian restaurants and then had a few drinks later with some friends we hadn't seen in a long time.  It's always good to catch up but we stayed up late chatting and playing catchphrase for ever!  

Well, on Saturday I went to the mall to get some Christmas shopping done.  (notice I said "I".  Josh likes shopping even less than I do.)  I also spent an obscene amount of money at Mardel books and gifts.  Everything was on sale!  I got new CD's for just $5.99.  What a deal.  I think we got everyone's presents out of the way now.  I think back to last year and realize that I was done Christmas shopping by Halloween.  I get anxious at malls during the holiday season.  People are mean and everything is so crowded.  It brings out the worst in me as well.  It's just not pleasant.... at all.  

Sat night we watched movies at Mike and Matt's apartment until I got sleepy, then we woke up on Sunday to check into the Hyatt Regency in DFW airport for our old company's Christmas party.  Josh worked there for 10 years and I worked there for 8 until we got  "let go" back in June.  Well, this is going to be their last Christmas party ever, because the Frenchy's that run it are closing down all the American sites and shipping jobs to Singapore.  (we all know what kind of quality comes from that side of the world)  When we found out they were closing the company doors, Josh and I requested that we be the first to be laid off, so it wasn't under bad circumstances.    Anywho, we really had a good time with all of our old friends at the party that evening.  It was kind of sad because once they had the raffle, most people left and it was really a boring party, except for our little crew of people.  We kept it going for a while and hardly noticed that the place was dead.  The food was great, the music was just okay, but we had fun reminiscing and dancing the night away.  Good times!  I love this time of year because it reminds me of what is important.  Family and friends.  We got to see most of the people we wanted to see while we were in Dallas, but not all of them. 
 We were supposed to help our friend Matt pack up a moving truck on Monday and come back to Childress on Tues, but we got iced in.  Many of the roads in the metro-plex were closed down due to icy conditions so we just stayed at our good friend's Christen and Gilbert's house with their two cute little ones Monday and Tuesday night.  We were so pleased that they let us stay with them out in Little Elm.  It was just to unsafe to drive anywhere.  It took us 3 hours just to get from Arlington to their house due to all the wreckage, so once we were there we didn't want to leave until it was safe.  People in the city DO NOT know how to drive in icy weather.  They just keep driving in a hurry like they always do and then wonder how the heck it happened when they wreck.  Sheesh.  

We are very proud to announce that our good friend Matt has moved up to Childress officially as of today. He is moving his stuff in to his new apartment right now.  He has been a friend to Josh and I for years and years.  I look at him like a brother, and we are so glad to have him here in town, close to us.  If you see him, be sure to say hello, and take some time to get to know him.  He's a great person.  

Well, that pretty much sums up my busy yet fun super extra long weekend.  Pretty random I know, but it's all I got right now.  It's getting close to the weekend again already and I hope everyone enjoys it.  Love and appreciate your family and your friends...that's an order!


Marci said...

So glad you made it back safe and got your Christmas shopping out of the way. Hope you guys have a great weekend.

a cowgirl at heart said...

It was really good chatting with you Friday night! I would love to get coffee or lunch sometime. Email me at and I'll get you my cell number.

Jamie said...

We almost went to Dallas that weekend to see Joanna and give her a kitten we had. Had tickets and EVEVERYTHING!!! DANGIT!!!! We were going to drive up there, then fly back here on Monday(the icy day),but we priced one way car rentals and about died. So, we made alternate plans.